TMRG 2011 Week Four

Just the Daytona 500 this week. The increased number of competitors challenges my theme-width. If you click here, a slightly larger image-version of the table will appear in a new window.

I did not bother with this last week as it was the only Grand-Am event of the TMRG season, but below is this week’s average and efficiency table. Obviously, most weeks will involve varying selection-splits between more than one series, whereas in single-event weeks we all have seven from the same race. Dividing the Total of points scored by all players by the number of Picks made by all players gives the Average scored for the picks of that event. The Maximum is reached by working out the perfect score for each player in that series, 50 for one pick, 90 for two picks, 125 for three, et cetera, and adding all these up. The Efficiency is what percentage the Total is of this Maximum.

  Total Picks Average  Maximum    Efficiency  
NASCAR  943 84 11·2 2892 32·6%

I seem to have lost the option to disable comments. Would you please leave any feedback over on Patrick’s game-posts, as this is only intended as an extension of those.

Too Much Racing


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