TMRG 2011 Week 10

The increased number of competitors challenges my theme-width. If you click here, a larger image-version of the table will appear in a new window (you might want to try full-screen (F11) on that).

Below is this week’s average and efficiency table. Dividing the Total of points scored by all players by the number of Picks made by all players gives the Average scored for the picks of that event. The Maximum is reached by working out the perfect score for each player in that series, 50 for one pick, 90 for two picks, 125 for three, et cetera, and adding all these up. The Efficiency is what percentage the Total is of this Maximum.

  Total Picks Average  Maximum    Efficiency  
Sportscars  783 26 30·1 1104 70·9%
MotoGP  1836 62 29·6 2374 77·3%
NASCAR  1290 52 24·8 2043 63·1%
Total  3909 140 27·9 5521 70·8%

Had everyone chosen 4-3-3 splits, the maximum would have been 407*14 = 5698, of which 3909 is 68·6%.

Below are the accumulative tables. ‘Sportscars’ includes ALMS, LMS, ILMC and Le Mans (but not Daytona). There have been six NASCAR events (three NASCAR-only weeks), two events for sportscars and MotoGP, and one each for F1 and IRL.

  Total Picks Average  Maximum    Efficiency  
Formula 1  2362 71 33·2 2673 88·4%
MotoGP  3872 116 33·4 4492 86·2%
Sportscars  2508 81 31·0 3250 77·2%
Indycar  1420 52 27·3 2068 68·7%
NASCAR  7808 383 20·4 13941 56·0%

We have had a lot of mixed up weeks this season compared to the equivalent part of the first season of Patrick’s competition. I thought it would be interesting to look at how many points the winners have been getting and to look at their efficiencies. The efficiencies are the percentage of points the winner of that week got of the maximum points available.

In a one-event week, picking the top-seven would give 241 points. In a three-event week, picking the top-three for two events and the top-four for the other would give 407 points. Of course, only a 4-3-3 split would give that opportunity. For example, a 5-4-1 split could only ever garner up to 394 points (96·8%). No one this year (so far) or last year has ever achieved a maximum score, either for the best split or the split they chose.

(I am not looking to grade wins as winning is winning, this data being more a reflection of how predictable the racing was.)

1    Sbun    1    224    241    93·0%    Daytona 24
4    James    1    134    241    55·6%    NC(p)
5    Jackie    1    211    241    61·4%    NC
6    SG    1    148    241    87·6%    NC
8    Ryan    3    359    407    88·2%    NC Moto ILMC
9    Sean    3    352    407    86·5%    NC IRL F1
10    Sean    3    311    407    76·4%    NC Moto(w) LMS

Apologies for truncating people’s names for width reasons. (w) signals a race that I consider the result was significantly effected by rain. (p) marks a NASCAR restrictor-plate race.

I seem to have lost the option to disable comments. Would you please leave any feedback over on Patrick’s game-posts, as this is only intended as an extension of those.

Too Much Racing Game 2011 Week 11

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