TMR Week 43

As James only had four NASCAR drivers in his carry-over, I have chosen to miss him to make the table more compact. James had Johnson (40), Harvick (35), Hamlin (16), and Gordon (1), giving a score of 92.

Below, I have totaled everyone’s points for this event, divided by the number of collective picks to work out the mean average, and calculated an efficiency percentage. For each player I worked out how much their potential maximum score was, 50 for one driver, 90 for two picks, 125 for three, et cetera, and added all these to create the maximum if we all got perfect scores. The efficiency is the total of our scores as a percentage of this maximum total.

I have missed out the picks of Dank and James, as neither made specific entries for this week.

  Total Picks Average Maximum Efficiency
NASCAR  1404 63 22·3 2169 64·7%

As all the multi-event weeks are behind us, it occurred to me to do accumulative average and efficiency tables. I will update them subsequently with the results from the NASCAR-only and DTM-only weeks remaining. I have lumped all the sports-car results together, because these figures only go back to Week 27 so I only have two ALMS results and one LMS result not dominated by Peugeot and Audi attending the ILMC events; this means the sports-car figures include the Hungaroring event at which the LMP1 cars all failed denting the overall average and efficiency figures.

  Total Picks Average Maximum Efficiency
DTM  7019 211 33·3 8096 86·7%
F1  10221 331 30·9 12619 81·0%
WRC  4320 129 33·5 5394 80·1%
Sport-Cars  6120 179 34·2 7773 78·7%
IRL  4943 156 31·7 6364 77·7%
NASCAR  9561 454 21·1 16710 57·2%

I have disabled comments on these pages to disconnect them from my blog, as essentially this is an extension of Patrick’s TMRG project, with this just being a convenient way to post my own version of the score-tables. If you wish to comment, please do so on the game-post that linked to this page.

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