TMR Week 40

I have Included everyone in the table this week as the NASCAR-only carry-overs of Dank and James only added one extra driver. The table is sized so it should fit if you have a screen-height of 768 pixels and use full-screen on the browser (F11). Sorry if you need to use zoom.

Below, I have totaled everyone’s points for each series, divided by the number of collective picks to work out the mean average, and calculated an efficiency percentage. For each player I worked out how much their potential maximum score was, 50 for one driver, 90 for two picks, 125 for three, et cetera, and added all these to create the maximum if we all got perfect scores. The efficiency is the total of our scores as a percentage of this maximum total.

I have missed out the picks of Dank and James, as neither made specific entries for this week.

  Total Picks Average Maximum Efficiency
DTM  1655 52 31·8 1873 88·4%
NASCAR  738 38 19·4 1467 50·3%

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