TMR Week 33

I have relegated The Speedgeek, James, Dank and Burwellian to their own NASCAR-only table at the bottom of the page. The first table is sized so it should just fit if you have a screen-height of 768 pixels and use full-screen on the browser (F11). Sorry if you need to use zoom.

Below, I have totaled everyone’s points for each series, divided by the number of collective picks to work out the mean average, and calculated an efficiency percentage. For each player I worked out how much their potential maximum score was, 50 for one driver, 90 for two picks, 125 for three, et cetera (allowing for two winners, and so on, being possible in sportscars), and added all these to create the maximum if we all got perfect scores. The efficiency is the total of our scores as a percentage of this maximum total.

  Total Picks Average Maximum Efficiency
ILMC  580 20 29·7 892 65·0%
F1  717 27 26·6 1053 68·1%
WRC  556 17 32·7 727 76·5%
NASCAR  209 6 34·8 280 74·6%

(I only included the seven players with a full set of picks.)

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