I live in Moseley, Birmingham, England, Great Britain (I enjoy the anonymity of the ‘net but I do like to know where people are based). I have been enthusiastic about Formula One since my teenage years, always with an interest in the history and statistics. My entries in this web-log will reflect this. I picked the slogan, “Formula One Then and Now”, to get rid of, “Just Another WordPress Weblog”. “Formula One Now and Then”, did not sound right, but may well reflect my blogging regularity.

I have discovered that keeping up a web-log is harder than one might think. I imagined myself dashing off regular pithy insights. Instead I find myself writing screens of the stuff, but if it strikes me as interesting, why not include it? It always takes much longer than envisaged. I half-remember things and take ages trying to confirm the details via Google, or ploughing through year-by-year records to compile stats, or painstakingly going through my piles of Motorsport magazines to find that article for the next paragraph. A fellow blogger was kind enough to suggest recently I should promote my blog more – it is enough trouble bloody writing it, usually finishing past my bedtime, never mind pushing it (which I am a bit shy about).

I have found it worrying, reading back what I write, that I am obviously more grumpy and reactionary than I realised I am, but you only have to read it, I have to live with it. Incidentally, I find the information that ‘blog’ is short for web-log such an ugly fact that the first three or four times I heard that, each time I was appalled anew as my brain seemed to have chosen to repeatedly jettison the information!

So what gives me the right to think my views are worthy of a reading audience amongst a sea of F1 blogs and sites? First, I do think I sometimes have viewpoints that are perhaps opinionated, old-fashioned or pedantic, but are a fresh perspective, so I hope an interesting read even if readers do not agree. Second, I think I am reasonably good at explaining things. Third, if there are other blogs that pick out ‘interesting’ statistics or have much about the history of the sport, then I have missed them.

One thing I find frustrating is I might write an article that I think is of more than topical interest, such as, The First Motor Race, but it then disappears quickly into the archive, so if you are a reasonably recent reader, please have a look at the Contents page.

Please leave comments on entries if you have any thoughts. I am not needy about the feedback, I am happy having readers, but discussion in the comments can add a lot.

You may want to look at my first entry, Introduction, to learn a bit more about my long relationship with Formula One.

Finally, if you like the blog, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell your enemies.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jonathan Says:


    I manage the online marketing for Motor Sport Magazine.

    I am writing to make you aware that we have changed our domain name, and as such would you be able update your links to our site to reflect our new domain change?

    We have now changed from


    You may also be interested to hear that we have just launched our digital magazine, in iPad format. So no more waiting for the post to arrive!


    We are very grateful for your support, and for referencing Motor Sport Magazine.

  2. Sebastian X Says:

    Sure thing. I will have to remember which posts have Motor Sport links but have updated the sidebar.

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