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Some Podcast Links

March 7, 2011

It is not my practice to do posts comprising links, the plan being to open a Twitter account to plug my posts and anything else I think deserves attention. However a few podcasts have popped up recently that I wanted to highlight.

I expect many of you are aware of Sidepodcast’s excellent output, but the recent exchanges with Another F1 Podcast (that is its name) have been especially amusing. I suggest listening to the AF1P edition first as it fully recaps the interaction a few minutes in. All links open the host-page in a new window.

Sidepodcast Debrief 151 (Right-click the blue link, “debrief151.mp3”, to download.)

Another F1 Podcast Season Preview (Warning: includes very strong swearing and should not be to listened by anyone unless over 99-years old and accompanied by both parents. Right-click the v. small play-symbol to download.)

Next are a couple of BBC Radio podcasts that unfortunately may be geolocked if outside the UK, but I hope not. The first is a Radio Five Live season preview with Jake Humphrey, Murray Walker and Anthony Davidson including some top-name interviews. It is only available until about the 11th March, 2011.

R5L Chequered Flag Season Preview

The second is a World Service documentary on Formula One that I have not yet listened to, but I thought I had better do this post before the above podcast expired. Go down the list to Friday 4th March 2011. It is available indefinitely.

The Changing Worlds Of Formula One

(Finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with Formula One, but if you scroll down to Thursday, 20th May, 2010, for the above link, there is a very fascinating documentary on how the World Health Organisation overstated the risk of swine flu, and why this might have been due to being too cosy with the drug companies.)

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