What’s The Points – Great Britain Update

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Below is a comparison of the World Championship positions for this year’s points (left), last year’s points-system (middle) and the older 10-6-4-3-2-1 approach (right). Ties are decided by countback.

1   Hamilton   145   Hamilton   60   Hamilton   46
2   Button   133   Button   54   Webber   42
3   Webber   128   Webber   50   Button   41
4      Vettel   121      Vettel   49      Vettel   37
5   Alonso   98   Alonso   39   Alonso   27
6   Rosberg   90   Rosberg   35   Rosberg   19
7   Kubica   83   Kubica   33   Kubica   18
8   Massa   67   Massa   26   Massa   14
9   Schumacher   36   Schumacher   13   Schumacher   7
10   Sutil   35   Sutil   11   Barrichello   5

A painful race for Ferrari with 14th and 15th. Alonso keeps fifth in points but is not far shy of falling two race-wins behind the points leader. Kubica’s DNF saw him lose position to Rosberg in all three schemes. Nico seemed very positive about improvements to the Mercedes but his podium surely had much to do with both Ferrari drivers, Vettel, Kubica and Button having difficult weekends. However, he did stay ahead of Button without obvious difficulty after the safety-car period so let us see how he does in future races.

Webber has overtaken his team-mate in all three systems, but also squeezed ahead of Jenson under 10-6-4-3-2-1. That regime gives more favour to outright results. Button has seven top-six finishes to the Australian’s six, but Mark has three wins plus two other podiums, whilst Button has two wins with three other podiums.

These are the points if given to engines:

   Engine Score    Average
per Team
1   Mercedes    451      150·3   
2   Renault   338   169·3   
3   Ferrari   190   63·3   
4   Cosworth   31   3·9   

With Barrichello fifth and Hülkenberg tenth, Cosworth achieved their first double-points finish, outscoring Ferrari by 11 to 8.

The top six scores by nationality of drivers are:

   Nation Points   Scoring
1   Germany   284     5
2   Britain   278     2
3   Australia   128     1
4   Spain   101     2
5   Brazil   96     2
6   Poland   83     1

Britain gained two points on Germany with 30 to 28 despite Rosberg, Vettel, Sutil, Schumacher and Hülkenberg all finishing in the points for the first time.

See also RG’s Silverstone update for his championship for new teams.


3 Responses to “What’s The Points – Great Britain Update”

  1. saltire Says:

    Interesting idea to give points for engines.

    Whilst it really shows the dominance of the Mercedes and the Renault I think for fairness you might also need an extra table, one with a ratio of points per number of drivers (or teams) supplied. The reason I say this is that suppliers service a differing number of teams with Cosworth supplying 4 teams, Mercedes and Ferrari supplying 3 and Renault 2. This skews the data towards engine suppliers who supply more teams.

    If you look at the ratio of points per team supplied here’s what happens:
    Renault 169
    Mercedes 150.3
    Ferrari 63.3
    Cosworth 3.9

  2. Sebastian X Says:

    I was thinking about that issue. I have been a bit taken aback by the sudden rush of hits for this post with unsolicited plugs from Sidepodcast Twitter and yourself (thank you). I almost decided to discontinue these points updates, and only added engines and nationalities in to make one of the posts more interesting, which was quick to update so I kept it. Dividing by teams is fairer but probably a bit unfair on Mercedes with two lesser teams, and harsh on Cosworth. I probably should use 10-6-4-3-2-1, not the current points system to give more emphasis to absolute results, and maybe some rule about only the best driver within a team counting. I will have a think about it before the next one. Anyway, I have added your means to the post. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Pat W Says:

    An alternative could be to restrict scoring for engines/nations to the first X cars to finish, say the first two. I believe this is how CART’s old Nations Cup worked although my memory of the specifics is hazy now so I don’t know if subsequent finishers would be disgregarded and the score contines from the next nation to finish, or if it skips down and only nations finishing in the top six count.
    Interesting to see engine figures.

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