What’s The Points – Valencia Update

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Below is a comparison of the World Championship positions for this year’s points (left), last year’s points-system (middle) and the older 10-6-4-3-2-1 approach (right). Ties are decided by countback.

1   Hamilton   127   Hamilton   52   Hamilton   40
2   Button   121   Button   49   Button   38
3   Vettel   115   Vettel   47   Vettel   37
4      Webber   103      Webber   40      Webber   32
5   Alonso   98   Alonso   39   Alonso   27
6   Kubica   83   Kubica   33   Kubica   18
7   Rosberg   75   Rosberg   29   Rosberg   15
8   Massa   67   Massa   26   Massa   14
9   Schumacher   34   Schumacher   13   Schumacher   7
10   Sutil   31   Sutil   10   Barrichello   3

As is probably to be expected in a season when the results have been shared around, all scoring systems are giving much the same picture.

Alonso has fallen more than a win behind the leader in all three schemes. Fernando is making Massa look a bit ordinary, and neither are making this year’s Ferrari look extraordinary. Some suggest Felipe is still recovering from his accident which he vehemently denies, as he would if still effected or not. Mark Webber failed to score real points, his retirement being the first time this season he did not finish top-nine. Kubica has jumped ahead of Rosberg.

Barrichello’s fourth place makes him only the eleventh driver this season to finish top-six, displacing Sutil from tenth under 10-6-4-3-2-1. Sutil finished sixth in the race, also putting him up to 3 points under the old-time scoring, but Rubens obviously has the highest outright finish.

These are the points if given to engines:

1   Mercedes   400
2   Renault   307
3   Ferrari   182
4   Cosworth   20

Renault needed more help from Webber. Barrichello’s fourth more than doubled Cosworth’s score.

The top six scores by nationality of drivers are:

   Nation Points   Scoring
1   Germany   256     5
2   Britain   248     2
3   Australia   103     1
4   Spain   101     2
5   Brazil   86     2
6   Poland   83     1

The McLaren Brits totalled 33 with 2nd and 3rd, but Vettel first, Sutil 6th, and Rosberg 10th made 34. Massa did not score but Barrichello kept Brazil in 5th.

See also RG’s Valencia update for his championship for new teams.


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