What’s The Points – China Update

(Addendum: I keep getting occasional unexplained visits to this out-of-date entry, and have no idea why. If you are a new visitor, please be kind enough to leave a comment to explain how you got here. A much better article to sample this web-log is The Races Ferrari Missed.)

This is an update to What’s The Points comparing the World Championship positions for this year’s points (left), last year’s points-system (middle) and the older 10-6-4-3-2-1 approach (right). Ties are decided by countback.

1      Button   60      Button   23      Button   20
2   Rosberg   50   Alonso   20   Alonso   16
3   Alonso   49   Hamilton   20   Vettel   14
4   Hamilton   49   Rosberg   20   Hamilton   12
5   Vettel   45   Vettel   18   Rosberg   12
6   Massa   41   Kubica   17   Kubica   11
7   Kubica   40   Massa   16   Massa   10
8   Webber   28   Webber   10   Webber   6
9   Sutil   10   Sutil   4   Sutil   2
10   Schumacher   10   Schumacher   3   Schumacher   1

The official points saw Massa drop five positions with his ninth position finish. Unsurprisingly with two wins and two minor places in four races, Button is top by all three systems. Differences between this and last year’s points positions are little. Rosberg’s consistency with two thirds and two fourths put him in a stronger position than would be the case under 10-6-4-3-2-1. Under the new points, Rosberg would need to gain a fifth place to catch Button but under 10-6-4-3-2-1 would need a win to overhaul Button.

RG already has his scores updated for China in his championship for new teams.


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